Affordable rates and transparent pricing for turnkey projects, site surveys and service trips

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Hour Rates:


Basic PLC programming, HMI programming and CAD drawing work.


Advanced PLC, HMI or SCADA programming. Electrical panel design. Traditional software development for business applications, WCS (Warehouse Control System), and other categories of middleware.


Hourly engineering services. Site surveys. System archeology. Reverse engineering. Project management.


Emergency support services.


  • For T&M (Time and Materials), all travel expenses are pass through. There is no markup. Additionally, no receipts are submitted per DHA policy.

  • For fixed-bid projects, all travel expenses are estimated with no markup.

  • Mileage is calculated using the current IRS rate.

  • Travel time is calculated portal to portal using a rate of $125/hr.

  • Hardware or software purchases carry a 20% markup unless otherwise noted or negotiated.

  • Mechanical and electrical installation services from outside partners carry a 20% markup unless otherwise noted or negotiated.