Conveyor and Warehouse Control



dhPlus is affordable conveyor and warehouse control for small to medium size systems. It can be used for a wide range of conveyor applications and can utilize many field devices including barcode scanners, weigh scales and P&A (Print and Apply) units.

dhPlus can also communicate with host systems such as SAP for intelligent package routing and tracking through the warehouse or plant.


Turnkey pricing for dhPlus deployments range from about $40K to $500K. It is more cost effective than all of the large system vendors and many of the smaller ones.

What's in the box?

The best way to think about dhPlus is as a customizable hardware and software product. It has two main options -- Standard and Enterprise. See the Feature Matrix below. 

dhPlus typically ships with the following:

  1. Control panel with high capability PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) and motor controls such as starters and VFDs which are used to control the conveyors.
  2. HMI (Human Machine Interface) mounted on the control panel door or on a separate pedestal. The HMI is used to control and monitor the conveyor system.
  3. Field devices such as photo eyes and motor disconnect switches

Optional equipment that can be shipped with dhPlus include a PC workstation (Enterprise option), barcode cameras, P&A units, additional HMI pedestal stations and a maintenance support laptop.


The feature matrix below outlines all of the main hardware and software features. Specifically, the Enterprise option requires a PC server running Windows or a customer supplied VM (Virtual Machine).

dhPlus Hardware and Software Feature Matrix
Feature HW/SW Standard Enterprise
Control panel (traditional 1 or 2 door) HW X X
HMI (mounted on panel door) HW X X
HMI on pedestal HW X X
High capability PLC HW X X
Basic motor control HW X X
VFD motor control HW X X
MDR interface using I/O or network HW X X
Safety circuit (E-stop buttons and pull cords) HW X X
Photo eyes (for sensing the carton or pallet) HW X X
Motor disconnect switches HW X X
Barcode scanners (Cognex or Keyence) HW X X
Print and Apply applicators (Panther) HW X X
Main conveyor control logic SW X X
Pick module carton routing logic SW X X
High speed sortation logic SW X X
MDR accumulation and sortation logic (Itoh Denki and PulseRoller) SW X X
P&A interface logic SW X X
Weigh scale interface logic SW X X
Host interface (FTP protocol) SW X X
Host interface (Custom socket protocol) SW X X
Host interface (MQTT protocol) SW X X
HMI standard screens for control, configuration and monitoring SW X X
HMI basic conveyor graphics SW X X
HMI basic dashboard SW X X
HMI basic event logging SW X X
HMI basic alarming SW X X
Basic email notifications SW X X
Limited SMS notifications SW X X
Customer support laptop with all software preloaded SW X X
SQL database SW   X
Host interface (database table sharing) SW   X
HMI enhanced conveyor graphics SW   X
HMI enhanced dashboard SW   X
HMI enhanced event logging SW   X
HMI enhanced alarming SW   X
Enhanced email notifications SW   X
Enhanced SMS notifications SW   X

Ready for a quote?

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