By daviddh | Sun, 05/10/2020 - 08:39
Stay Strong. Weather the Storm. It will pass and you'll make it through.

DHA is open for business and working hard every day. All of my current customers are classified as essential businesses, so project work continues on. Business is good. I've been really fortunate that this was the case. As a small business owner, I appreciate every customer that I have, and look forward to the reopening of the country.

Tens of millions of my fellow Americans are out of work. It is time to restart the economy! Look to Sweden for an example -- certainly not China. Why would we ever try to emulate the harsh dictates of a Communist government?

Two months ago, our economy was strong. This was a completely artificial, government mandated shutdown of our great economic engine. We can get back to where we were in short order. The business of the American people IS business, but we must do so in a safe and responsible way for the health of all Americans.